Displaying mysql database information on a webpage

Hi dan was reading one of your posts which was very helpful and you know what you are talking about and wondered if you are able to help me.

I have set up a mysql database with ‘username’, ‘password’, ‘group name’ and ‘colour’ fields.

I have inserted username, password and group names of users into the database. (username and password will be given to them, the groupnames are also pre-entered into db)

I have tested it and the login script is working via the form on mywebsite.

The mysql database looks like this:

username    password    group name        colour
clown	    admin       smarties          (selected via form to store in database)
clown	    admin       inbetweeners    (selected via form to store in database)
fun         school      colourking       (selected via form to store in database)
fun         school      underdogs       (selected via form to store in database)

The next step I want it to do is once the a user logs in with their username and password I would like their group name to automatically be displayed in a textfield. I then want them to select their colour and the colour is then stored in the database.
So if i logged in as username ‘clown’ and password ‘admin’ the group names would be displayed in 2 columns and after each group name they can then select their colour from a drop down. Once submitted it stores into the database.

Is this a simple enough task?
are there any examples/tutorials of the php script on the internet that would help me?

This is a pretty big project i am taking on for my level and I am at the final stages of it and any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance