Displaying images from External Servers

I’ve been considering using some external cloud storage to host some images on my websites. Of course I’m checking out a couple of “Free” services - Google Drive being one of them.
What I want to know is it it even possible to display these images in posts? I’m using the Shareable Link with “Add Media” then “Insert from URL”. Needless to say, this isn’t working.
First off, is what I’m trying to do even possible with Google Drive? I’m also trying out another host called PCloud and I’m getting the same results - just a link with no image displayed.
Am I doing something wrong or is what I want to do even possible?

Does this Stack Overflow answer page address your question?

It’s extra work, but you can take the shareable link and run it through this service to get the markup which will show the images from Google drive and google images


Ok thanks!
I will look at both those replies.

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