Displaying and Hiding a Carousel on web page

Please visit this page to see what I’m attempting. For first time visitors the (bootstrap) carousel (slide show) will be of interest, but for those who visit the page regularly it will become a distraction and will detract from the page effectiveness. I’ve got some ideas about showing and hiding the slide show, but thought I would ask for insights here. Ideally the code would write a cookie to the user’s computer so that his/her preference is remembered.

My current setup is that the page linked above “includes” a second page which contains all the carousel information. It seems to me that if I remove or comment out the ‘include’ and reload the page it would get the job done. Perhaps there is a more elegant way?

Any suggestions appreciated.


I know the http_referer header can be spoofed, but maybe testing for that could work?

Not exactly a “frequent visitor” test, but a “came to this page from another of this sites pages” test.

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