DisplayDIV Delay

Yes, it’s another TimeOut/Delay question :slight_smile:

I’m trying to add a delay to the OnMouseOut DisplayDIV function.
The problem is that a QuickTime <object> is rendering on top of the menu in some browsers. So I’m doing Show/Hide when the drop-down is activated.

I want to add the delay to DisplayDIV because the menu has a 800ms delay OnMouseout, and I want to keep that.

Here is the example…

You may or may not notice the issue. I see it in Mac FF, but not Safari. I haven’t tested it in other browsers yet.

Typically you would give the mouseout function a callback, so that once the delayed behaviour has occurred, it can finish by running the callback.

That callback you would use to toggle the show/hide of the quicktime object.

I think I kinda’ follow what you are saying, it seems like a ‘best practice’ to do it in the way you describe.
Any chance you could be more specific?

Let’s start with the jQuery hover event, where you can specify a handlerin and a handlerout function.

The handlerout function normally only takes an event object, but you can create a callback variable inside the function, and pass that to the function that does the delay.

Even if you cannot get a callback going, you should still be able to move the displayDiv stuff to the section of code that runs after the delay.