Display two dates in the same month together

Hi all,

I have dates from a database for example:


These i would like to display as:
12-16 March

But if the dates overlap a month:


Then it would be displayed as:
39 March - 12 April

Could this be done with some date format function in php?

No, you would need some additional logic, something along the lines of

if (start date and end date are in the same month) {
    // display dates and month name
} else {
    // display dates and months
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Iā€™m thinking they could probably be grouped into months in the database query. Then you would have php output the array data.

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Same amount of logic, just a question of if you want the database engine lifting or the PHP one lifting.

PHP can do it in-situ with a regex:
preg_replace("/(\d+) (.*?) - (\d+) \2/","\1-\3 \2");

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