Display HTML Structure in Pretty Structure?

Is there some easy way to display the HTML Structure of a page in a format that is easy-to-read?? :-/

I am trying to review the Semantics of my webpage, and I find using “View Source” in FireFox to be a real pain, due to the complexity of my HTML, and how FireFox seems to mess up the carriage returns and tabs and what-not.

I need an easier-to-read document, with pure HTML, and no PHP, and that will let me verify that my HTML Headings are laid out properly.



Use Inspect Element instead of View Source (from Right-Click menu on Chrome or Firefox).

I think that helps, but is there an easy way to Expand/Collapse all levels - in FireFox - easily in one step??



Unfortunately, the 10-15 minutes I spent this morning, I’ve yet to figure out how to do that… I even tried searching for firefox Inspector Keyboard shortcuts but that didn’t really return anything useful.

Well, your suggestion is still a small step forward.

Since I should only be doing this as a final check of a given page, I guess I can manually expand each “node”.

The formatting is definitely more friendly.

Just would be nice to expand everything in one shot.