Display Greek extracted from MySQL using PHP & PDO

Greetings: Bob Diebel here. I recently retired, and am trying to combine my two passions … technology & Bible study. This is requiring me to be able to have GREEK , and later HEBREW , and then ARAMAIC put into MySQL, maintained there, brought out of (currently attempting the use of PHP) and properly displayed. So far, going into MySQL on a terminal within Ubuntu ( I think Fedora does the same) I can enter a SELECT that works fine. Using phpmyadmin also works fine. However my attempts to get the records containing Greek through PHP show all the field requested except the last one, which contains Greek. No ERROR, nothing display in its place. I have been searching the internet for a couple of days, and now have a script that outputs Greek out of the MySQL DB if I connect with MySQL_connect… It fails, however, when I try to get it to use PDO. Any ideas?

Could it be a character set issue? Have a read of the following thread on StackOverflow and tell me if that works: