Display graph step by step on button click

Okay, this works with the edges perfectly but is there a way to display the nodes one by one too. would it be a for loop that goes through all nodes and finds the corresponding edge?

define the behavior you want to present. Keep in mind that an edge can only be added if both nodes it’s connected to exist first.

instead of displaying all 3 nodes on the canvas I would like to have 1 node and then when i click nect to display the edge and the target node

So this is going to get more complex, because what you’ve said is:
On Button Click:
Add A Node
Add all Valid Edges

You’ve got a working example now, so give yourself a challenge:
Modify the existing code to do the following.

  • When the graph is initialized, add only the first node.
  • When the next button is pushed, add a new node, until all of the nodes are present.
  • Try to figure out which edges in the dictionary are now ok to add. (the filter method may be of help to you here.)
  • Add those edges.

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