Display different under IE6 and other browers

i know IE6 is dead,but in china, there are lots of people still using it. so expect someone can do me a favor about this problem.

this is the page.(http://hostingcouponsclub.com/taxonomy/term/34)the even line’s background color is not the same length, under IE6, which is shorter

the display under IE6. (http://run.xxmn.com/ie6.jpg). the bgcolor displays different from other browers.

the display under IE7,FF,CHROME (http://run.xxmn.com/ie7.jpg). it displays ok. how to make it under IE6 displays the same result as other browers?


I couldn’t quote grasp what “even line” you were talking about as those drawings look much the same to me. The only difference I can see is that the left side is wider in iE6 because you have overstated the width here:

.not-logged-in #left h1,
#left_cplist h2,
#left .taglist h2
padding:9px [B]5px[/B];
border:2px solid #DADAD8;
border-bottom: none; 

#left_cplist h2{
    border: none;
[B]   /* _width:655px;*/

The space available is only 660px wide and 655 + 5px + 5px = 665px which is 5px too big and the element will get stretched in IE6.

even line is the second line. four line, six line.(2,4,6,8…)how to correct it. thank you.


I can’t see any background on the even rows but looking at the code I see you have set the background of the even rows to #f7f7f7. Unfortunately neither my eyes cannot distinguish the difference between #f7f7f7 and #fff and I doubt that anyone else will be able to see it either :).

I’ve changed the background to red so we can see it and attached a screenshot of what I’m seeing in IE6 so you can tell me what needs to be changed (it looks identical to Firefox though).

The image is based on the code when you first posted as you seem to have changed the header in that section for IE6.

I think I see what the problem is; I included an image that makes it easier to compare the two.

However, I can’t find what would be causing it, and I’m having trouble reproducing it my version of IE6. Maybe someone else can be more help.

Strange I’m not seeing that gap in my ie6 or Ie7 either as can be seen by the attachment I posted .

Gap or not… that should most definitely be a table. What a waste of divs…

And it’s probably because only the outer div has a width set, but I don’t even bother checking since… that structure should be a table! :slight_smile:

Yes you could make a good case for using a table there :slight_smile: