Display Details form record in Repeat Region

I have an HTML form with a table that displays 2 columns of data from a record set as below. I would like to display the entire record in a form on the same page by selecting a record from the repeat list. I know it can be done but I cannot find the right information, or I cannot understand what i do find (one or the other). can you help me? (I am very new to php).

<td><table width="100%">
                  <?php do { ?>
                      <td width="6%" align="center"><a href="/frmPolicyPrint.php?PolicyID=<?php echo $row_rsPolicies['recordID']; ?>"><img src="/images/Check_16x16.png" width="12" height="12" alt="Check" border="0" title="Open Policy" ></a></td>
                      <td width="37%"><?php echo $row_rsPolicies['Policy_number']; ?></td>
                      <td width="33%"><?php echo $row_rsPolicies['Policy_name']; ?></td>
                      <td width="24%"><input name="PolicyID" type="hidden" id="PolicyID" value="<?php echo $row_rsPolicies['PolicyID']; ?>" size="4"></td>
                    <?php } while ($row_rsPolicies = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsPolicies)); ?>

Since this is a php question (or seems to be), I’ve moved it to the PHP forum for answering. - though it looks based on the quick glance like a javascript solution may be more appropriate…

You realise that PHP <> ASP ?

I am not sure I understand your question. Yes, I realize that the code I provided is php. It displays 2 columns of data from the underlying MySql database. I want the user to be able to select a record from the list and have the all fields displayed in a form on the same page where data can be updated. I have experience doing this with VBA but nor PHP.

Well #1 you want to turn that do while into a regular while, because it’ll bork the first record. (First loop $row_RsPolicies will be undefined)

‘by selecting a record from the repeat list.’ because that makes no sense to me.

I would suspect the OP means using the link they created in the while loop to display the record in full on frmPolicyPrint.php .

which means the answer is “The value passed will be available in frmPolicyPrint.php via $_GET[‘PolicyID’] variable.”

Thank you all. I have resolved my issue. I actually had more than 1 dynamic table with repeat regions and actually had an ambiguous field name as a result