Display an email without getting spammed

Yeah, except that wouldn’t be very accessible.

For now I went with…

Sorry I have been out of town :wink: but yeah, seems like an idea, anything that is obvious to the user but not an automated email scraper - I don’t think I would use

support  @  mydomain.com

since that could still be easily scraped. An image is still a good idea, with a bit of lateral thinking you could make it look pretty attractive, maybe an envelope with your email as the address on it

So what about…

Reach us at “support AT mydomain DOT com”

works for me !

As I indicated in:

The following is not a continuation of the preceding.

Also analyze all the other email headers. I was getting spam with a variety of from values but then I noticed that there was one header that always had the same value; it was some type of sender address. So it was all from the same sender but they used a variety of from values to make it appear to be different senders. For me I just created a rule in my email client and all the messages were thereby ignored automatically.

Yes but ussing the image looks unprofessional but ye we can do this. Thank you I too had same issue

I have used Email Address Obfuscator with much success.