Display All Pages On One Page In Wordpress?

Hi, we had this topic here in 2014 which got closed. Now, in 2017, do we have any updated information on how to do this?Does maybe anyone know a plugin doing this? This is important, nowadays everyone is scrolling a single page layout, i think its a one way new design option. However for web pages with many products, and many pages, its helping to make several single pages first. Now… how will we collect them and display them in 1?

I am not sure if I am understanding this correctly, but you can do a query like the below to list all of the pages - you can then use the title, content any custom fields etc to display the information you need:

<?php $mypages = get_pages( array( 'sort_column' => 'title', 'sort_order' => 'ASC' ) ); foreach( $mypages as $page ) { ?>
     <!-- Page Information Here -->
<?php } ?>

Let me know if that wasn’t what you had in mind!

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would this show the content as it is in the single page layout? or as a list of titles…
What i have in mind is one page after another shown one below the other… so if your page is a wagon… to show a train… wagon after wagon below…

I can’t imagine WordPress providing such functionality. If you want a single page, you create a single page. Still, I’ve been wrong before…

I’m not fully sure what you are trying to achieve, but anything that you add within the pages within WordPress, could be pulled out from that loop.

So the title, content, featured image, ID etc - is that what you are looking for?

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I am sorry if i did not explain very well …

WP offers already templates that are designed to show their content as a single page… BUT if we have not such a template … if we used our plain template where we did make one page after another “create new page” Page A, Page B, Page C…D…E…

you can go to view those pages by choosing to click on one of them on a menu… now INSTEAD of going from Page A and CLICK back to Page B, the question here is if there are already the pages made if we can now PRESENT them in a single page layout… that means… that if you VIEW page A and you scroll down to the page ending… you will see page B follow and then Page C etc… without having to click no where… one page follows another… which on the other hand are individual… that means… if you change the Content on Page C … on the COLLECTORS PAGE it will change as well… (SOMETHING LIKE A BLOG LAYOUT)

You mean like the “infinite scroll” one-page sites?

Surely you would just use a template that does what you want. Not take a totally different template and hack it to do something else.

Thanks Sam,
of course if your Car is not good, you can buy a new one, its not the same to change color and place new tires, but it doesn’t cost also the same as a new one, so if we have now 150 single pages, I try to find out if there is another way instead of making a brand new website for the customer.

A one-page website using infinite scrolling is a very different beast from a multi-page site. I don’t see that you can convert one to the other without a lot of work.

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Sometimes finding a ready-made one-page responsive theme that already has that functionality and redoing the site with the new theme is a lot less work than trying to do what you are trying to do (which might end up being like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole).


Ok, many thanks ! I got the point !

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