Discussion: Google reCAPTURE v3 and Multiple Forms On A Page... What To Do?

Hi All

I have, what I think, an interesting set of questions and was wondering what everyone thinks…

I am making a new website and in the footer of every page is a mailing list signup form… should I put Google reCAPTURE v3 on this form or not bother?

There are 3 pages with an additional form on them… a contact form and 2 pages with a quote from on them… I think I should put the Google reCAPTURE v3 code on these forms… this would make 2 forms on a page… the mailing list one and the other form… what do you think?

Then there is one page with create an account or login… this makes a total of 3 forms on the one page, including the mailing list… should I use the Google reCAPTURE v3 code for these forms?

Then there is a shopping cart… should I use the Google reCAPTURE v3 code on those forms… what do you think?

Thanks for your thoughts.