(discussion) best affilliate programs for payday loans/cash advance

I’m looking for a good affiliate/direct lender with an affiliate program related to payday loans and cash advance loans. My traffic comes from SEO so it’s a typical laser traffic related to payday loans and cash advance loans. Even

though I tried many other solutions I currently use 2 affiliates which do pretty fine.

  1. Leadclick - good rates and high number approvals
  2. T3leads - good rates but lower number of approvals with the same traffic as in 1.

I’d really like to know which affiliates in your opinion are best when it comes to payday loans and cash advance, or which affiliates/direct lenders give you good conversion and good rates. I’m interested in the opinion of those who have checked this in practice. I do not really look for answers like “go to cj or azoogle” cause they won’t contribute

to the discussion at all.

come on guys! help me;) no1 knows anything about it?

anyone? i can’t believe there’s nobody here that can answer my question… come on people! its christmas!;D

I’m sorry but I don’t know of any. Merry Christmas.

I know someone who also do this niche, I think he’s using maxbounty or something like that, I don’t know if it’s a good one or not though

I’ve heard of maxbounty too but I don’t think it’s any better