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I’m trying to install Discours as explained on the following link :slight_smile:https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-email.md

I didn’t understand the following:
Please note that in any email provider, you must verify and use the subdomain, e.g. discourse.example.com. If you verify the domain only, e.g. example.com, mail will not be configured correctly.

Should I make a subdomain called discourse.mydomain.com ( knowing that I prefer something like forum.mydomain.com) ?

Also something very important, if I make a subdomain called discourse.mydomain.com, I will not be able to make an email like the following postmaster@discourse.mydomain.com because email should be associated to the domain name not the subdomain.

I asked that, as sparkpost.com ask to verify the account during the sign up process.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, you can use forum.example.com and yes, you should be able to send email from postmaster@example.com

You simply need to ensure SparkPost considers your domain “verified” by sending the appropriate TXT and SPF records.

Thanks @cpradio for your feedback, but what you mean by Verified ?

SparkPost performs a verification step that requires you to create a specialized TXT and SPF record, once that is done, they will gladly send out emails on behalf of the given domain.

Ah yes, I think will be done easily by CloudeFlar no ?

Possibly? I’ve only done such records through my domain registrar, and have little experience with CloudFlare.

This should be a good read

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In fact CloudFlare is so simple to use, where you can mange your DNS as you like

I will read it, thank you for your help

I’m participating with my friend to install Discourse exactly here:

http://f.beginfromhere.com/ (it’s still empty at this moment

In fact, what I don’t understand in the following explications, many points:

1: Why I should install Discourse here ( /var/discourse ) and in fact the subdomain is here ( /var/www/vhosts/beginfromhere.com/f.beginfromhere.com)

2: again I didn’t and it is still not clear why I should use the subdomain, so as I mentioned above,

the subdomain is f.beginfromhere.com and If I use ot with SparkPost, they will ask me to VALID that I’m the owner of this subdomain, this is mean they ask me to receive an email to the following email address postmaster@f.beginfromhere.com and this is not possible for me to create an email for a subdomain.

You are missing the fact that Discourse runs in Docker, and thus /var/discourse is the suggested location to install the docker container.

The subdomain install happens to be the easiest way to install Discourse. You can install it in a sub-folder, but that is a more complex installation, instructions at

I think if you create the SPF/TXT records, it may not be necessary to receive an email to that email address, however, you should be able to create a forwarding email address for all *@f.beginfromhere.com to go to postmaster@beginfromhere.com through your domain registrar or your email provider of choice…

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