Disclaimer limiting liability

I’m based in the UK.

I would like to add a short disclaimer to my terms and conditions that I’m not liable for anything that could arise out of a the website setup, or any third party software that is installed on a webspace.

E.g. if a computer of a website visitor gets infected by a virus because the site was hacked/infected, that visitor could try to claim against the website owner and they could then turn against me.

Is there anything I could say, e.g. that I don’t give any warranties? Where can I find suitable wording?

Many thanks for any help.

Thanks for the replies, but I’m NOT looking for a website disclaimer.

I’m looking for a disclaimer that tells the site owner that I as the webmaster are not responsible with regarding possible claims. I wondered how best to say that. Although the link given above is quite helpful.

Take a look at http://www.ictknowledgebase.org.uk/websitedisclaimers for an excellent article and list of resources. But I also like what the previous post said about viewing the disclaimers of other websites to see how they are written. If possible can you post the text or a link to your disclaimer? Curious to know what you come up with. Thanks!

How about something like… “By using this service or accepting the goods at the point of delivery you (as a client) accept that I (the webmaster) am not to be held in liability or responsibility for the claims, information, products, services (and by association) the viewpoints, opinions and / or the contributions made to this website in-part either on behalf of those who actively run the site or individuals who voluntarily contribute at the point of it’s public visibility and for the future life of the item. In addition, I as the individual producing the core foundation of this service hold no responsibility or liability (in the contexts mentioned) for any modifications or alterations to the service from the point of delivery (including but not limited to changes of installation, issues beyond the project scope, problems as a result of customization or visitor involvement) or for any issues, bugs or effects that may come as a result of using the said service beyond the scope of the contractual obligations as agreed to upon commencement of the project. This notice is also subject to change, amendments and alterations without notice.” :slight_smile:

PS: I am not a lawyer so the above is provided “as-is” and it’s up to you to ensure that it’s binding.

There are lots of ways to say what you just said. Some jurisdictions have laws limiting the effectiveness of disclaimers, but there is nothing much you can do about that.

If you are not having a lawyer draft the language for you, your best bet is to look at the disclaimers on some very large, well-known sites (who have probably paid lawyers to draft their disclaimers) and model your disclaimer on theirs.

Thanks a lot for everyone’s contributions.