Disappointed by Illustrator CS5

I’ve just upgraded Illustrator to CS5 from CS3, and there seem to be a bunch of things that no longer work quite as I expect, specifically:

I used to use Illustrator for web design. With Pixel Preview turned on, I could position things exactly to the pixel using the arrow keys. Now I find the arrow keys move things by 2 pixels, and they’re not dead on. Is there a way?

I also used to select an area using shift-o and then save for web, only the selected area would be saved. Now this doesn’t work and I’m reduced to creating artboards, exporting (which gives me no feedback on file size or quality) and optimising after the fact using PNG crush (though I may not otherwise have chosen PNG). Can I still do this?

I’d like to like Fireworks, but it doesn’t seem to have a way of saving a selection, and there’s no bitmap trace function that I can see.

Does anyone have a solution? :0

Ah, that will do it. I’m reasonably happy with that as a solution. It also means I don’t have to buy Fireworks :slight_smile:

For the arrow keys moving over two pixels, that might be because you have “smart guides” turned on.

Smart Guides, that was the thing, thanks so much :slight_smile:

But how do I export a graphic, say I want just one button on a whole website? I don’t want Illustrator to write my HTML for me…

Awesome! Yeah smart guides can be a savior or a destructor haha.

Right. Who would want Illustrator to write the HTML.
To be honest, I have no idea from Illustrators side. What I’ve done is import a button or design into Photoshop then (Save for Web) from photoshop.