Disappearing link in IE

I have inherited a fairly messy website, with a super bloated CSS file (it started at 300k, 17,000 lines), and ugly html… and I have created a new menu and the menu link to our new blog (“INSIGHTS”) continues to disappear in IE.


All the extra code has made trouble shooting more difficult for me, and I simply cannot figure out why the link disappears after the scripts have finished loading OR maybe after hovering over another link after the scripts have loaded.

The Menu CSS is near the bottom of the CSS file because I have recently added it.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but the blog is on a sub-domain.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTW, I made the menu based off of the Sitepoint mega-menu with j-Query article. :slight_smile:

Give the parent li


and you will be able to at least see the link.

Not sure what is causing this issue

First, you should put a DTD that makes IE render in standard mode. Now it’s quirks.

Second, I’m trying but those pesky tables aren’t helping. Looking for the color property is murder.

I’m looking for it since the link is responding to hover even when it “disappears”.

The “position:static” on the parent <li> seemed to do the trick. Thanks Craig9001!

Not sure if I corrected the DTD, but I did create a class that applies to the color property and it was not sufficient to fix the problem.

I am at war with the tables too, but the software product of our company requires them (allegedly) for integration…

Thanks again Sitepoint community!