Disadvantage of using a custom plugin for wordpress


I am about to let somebody develop en complex custom plugin for wordpress, that will display a lot of financial data (news articles, press releases, key financials et cetera) of listed companies.

Does anybody know what the disadvantage is of that ? will it give problems when I have wordpress updates ? I am afraid the future of the site will depend on that particular developer.


hello bluedreamer,

Good to know that it’s not that complex. And thanks for that link, I will forward it to the developer. We don’t need to save the stock quotes or charts in the database.

A completely other question: Wouldn’t it be better to use a net cms like umbraco, so I don’t need plugins at all ?

“External XML sources (ex RSS) can be directly implemented via XSLT elements (macros).” according to their website.

Pulling in XML data and displaying on a page is relatively straightforward with something like Magpie - http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/ - so that can be integrated into your plugin.

Are you wanting to write any of that XML data into your database as entries?

Hi markie, welcome to the forums,

If the plugin is written correctly there should be minimal chance of it breaking with future version releases. Not none - but minmal.

The idea of using plugins is that no hacking of core files is needed. So upgrading should be relatively painless.

IMHO WordPress does a pretty good job of giving advance notice of planned deprecations and maintaining backwards compatability long enough for plugin developers to prepare.

So I think as long as the work is being done by a reputable plugin developer you should be fine for a while at least.

thanks for your quick reply. I have been talking with some wp developers, and some advice a custom plugin and others integration with cakephp. We will need to pull some charts and quotes through a xml feed, so that might be a problem with a plugin ?

What are your thoughts about this ?