Disabling/Making Elements Inactive When a Form is Shown

Hello everyone,

I have been looking for a way to put a gray, opaque mask over the entire body and disable all the elements inside the page save one form and a div where the results are posted from that form on the home page of my website. It is my goal to have these actions triggered after a user enters a valid e-mail address on the first input form, after which the second form is displayed on the screen. I have been researching the jQuery BlockUI plugin to achieve this, but I don’t think this will work because I intend on placing the gray mask over the entire body of the page, leaving only one or two divs active and enabled, but maybe someone here is familiar with how I can achieve this with the blockUI plugin (making an exception to leave the second form active without a gray mask over it). Can someone offer some advice on how I can get this done? :eek:

Here is a screenshot that I manipulated that shows what I’m trying to do.

My website: World Review Group