Disabled tool bar icons

A general question really, but does anyone have a good technique or source for creating disabled versions of tool bar buttons?

Many thanks for any assistance,


Are you asking how you actually to disable the button? Or do you want to know how to create a disabled (greyed-out) version of the image that appears on the button?

If the latter, then the answer depends on which image editing tool you use. Most of them have an option called something like “grey out” or “disable”. Or, failing that, you can usually change the colour depth to “grey scale”.

If you would care to let us know what icon editor you are using, I - or someone else - can give you specific instructions.


That is exceptionally kind of you Mike. The latter option is the one I am after.

You can find the image at this url


Very good of you and much appreciated.

So, what tool are you using to create your icons?


I have a few tools including IrfanView, GIMP (not really up to spee with that), and Serif PhotoPlus X4.

I don’t create my icons with these as I bought a set - but they all come “enabled”. I am looking for a way to grey them out and make them look disabled.

Any pointers much appreciated.


I don’t know those particular programs, but no doubt someone else here will be able to help with them.

Or you could just try opening the image file in one of the programs. Then look for a “disabled” or “grey scale” option". Then save the image under a different name.


I found this:

Which is very handy,