Disable toolbar for pdf's in browser?

Hi all,

I want to prevent saving/printing of some PDFs from my site viewers, so disable toolbar for PDFs when it was open in my Website in IE 7.0/8.0 ?

Please provide solution to resolve it.

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If you open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader) and go to File > Properties > Security, you can then set restrictions that will prevent people from copying, saving, printing or doing anything else with it. That works for all users, whether they are on IE7/8 with a plug-in, or other arrangements.

I think that is the preference of the user.

What you can do is to add #toolbar=0 to the end of the URL.

For example,


Something you might want to do is:

<embed src=“MyFile.pdf#toolbar=0&scrollbar=0&navpanes=1” width=“530” height=“300”