Disable page with div over it


How can i place a semi-transparent div over the whole web page, that way no one can click on anything on this page?

Maybe by giving it a greater stack order z-index value?
This won’t “prevent” so much as “deter”, because with CSS off the over-lapping div will move out of the way.

Better to just not put anything “clickable” (eg. links, inputs) on the page if you don’t want them clicked anyway no?

Thanks for the response.

I need to disable the page temporarily from people clicking any links.

I rather not go link by link to change it. Something like this would work:


the greyed background when people click an image, but without the image in the middle.

Yes, that works by using z-index. eg.

objOverlay.style.zIndex = '90';

Where do i place this code?

it just takes 1 line of code to do this?

Does this help? - http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=571296

I have been looking for hours and that help!!