Disable Internet in Win 7?

OK, so I have the network connection icon on the desktop (new Win 7 Pro 64bit) just like I’ve always done on my XP machines…

But, there’s no option I can click on that says “Disable” or “Disconnect”

Isn’t there a way to disable the internet connection like this in the same way that I’ve been doing on my XP machines?

OR, do I have to get a physical on / off switch ?

Presumably if the switch is designed to work with ADSL then it will have appropriate telephone cable sockets on either side of the switch so as to disconnect the network from the phone line without interfering with intranetwork traffic. One that cut you off from the local network would be pretty useless.

In the bottom Toolbar right side it will show an icon with computer / wire on clicking that you will get connected networks. If you click on connected / active networks, a Disconnect button will come and you can disconnect the connection

to permanently disable you need to go into Network & Sharing Center > Advanced Settings > Network Discovery should be set to OFF.

Actually, it has network cable connections

Anyway, I was able to find a different window to use when I need to disable the connection, and I was able to make a shortcut to the desktop

So, I now have one shortcut to click on to activate
and a different shortcut to click on to disable

What more could one ask for in an internet connection :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

When I click on that little icon…that’s not what I see
regardless of if I right click, or left click

Never been hacked, yes we have AVG internet security suite and a VPN router…but that does not mean a hacker that knows what he’s doing can’t get right in regardless of how unlikely it may be.

Rule Number 1
Anything connected to the internet is subject to being hacked. (those that ignore this rule are asking for it…)

If they can hack military computers…they could hack mine, so I’m not interested in leaving my computer connected 100% of the time.

I will find a way to disconnect my computer even if I have to buy that on / off switch I found at

If I cannot figure out why I have no disable option, I’ll have to use this switch as a work-around since I don’t have hours and hours to spend on this

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Is it really a good idea to leave your computer connected to the net 100% of the time…giving a potential hacker all the time they need to get in and steal sensitive information from your computer??? OR, maybe set up your computer to send spam or do folding for a competitor, or whatever it is hackers want to do when they hack somebody’s system?

Sorry, I’m not willing to leave mine connected to the new all the time like that.
I will find a way to disconnect if I have to get a physical switch so when I’m done using the internet connection I can disconnect it.

This is not true on my computer (Win 7 Professional 64 bit)

I don’t want to “permanently” disable my connection…I want to be able to quickly connect when I need to use the internet, and quickly disconnect when I’m done.

I can easily do this on my XP machine, but I cannot on my new Win 7 machine

That is the job of the firewall. I assume you are behind a router, correct? Consumer routers have a simple but effective firewall, they block everything that was not initiated from inside the network. If the attacker has already gotten into your system there is nothing to be done. You already lost. Disconnecting from the network won’t solve that.

In retrospect I feel you are over thinking the issue at hand. Have you had problems of someone trying to hack into your system before? Where they successful? Do you download suspicious software on a regular bases? Furthermore, if I assume your network layout involves a router and a single point for internet connectivity you are protected by both a firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation) making it extremely difficult for any attack to compromise your network. The attacker would then need to break into your system, again no small feat.

This is the icon and on clicking which how I can connect / disconnect a network

Aside from going to the Network and Sharing Center? No.
But why do you need to disable/disconnect your connection for?