Disable fullpage.js when mouse inside a certain div

Basically the WordPress theme I’m using is using fullpage.js .

Now, I manually create a scroll-box div inside the page with overflow:auto and height: 100px;. How can I disable fullpage scroll when my mouse is inside that scroll-box div so that it works like normal?

I found this fullpage.js: disable page scroll when scrolled with the mouse pointer inside a container but I’ve no idea how to properly set it to the .scroll-box

Hi @nzrink1, if the fullpage is getting initiated by the theme then I don’t think there’s a way to set this option. You might check if your theme allows setting the configuration on the admin page, or to disable it altogether so that you can initiate it yourself. Failing that you’d have to fork the theme, which is of course a rather drastic measure if you haven’t already done so anyway.

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