Disable button using GetElementsByClassName

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <script type="text/javascript">

    function disable() {
        setTimeout(enable, 5000);

    function enable() {




<input type="submit" class="edit" value="edit" onclick="disable()" />


That code works, if i use id instead of classname, how to use ClassName instead?

And how to save the disable status in html5 local storage?

Something like

localStorage.setItem('x', new Date().getTime());

document.getElementsByClassName with an ‘s’ is what you’re after. You could also use document.querySelector('.edit');

var x = document.getElementsByClassName("edit")[0];

Yes, localStorage can be used to save a state like disabled = true across page refreshes.

localStorage.setItem('disabled', true);
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thank you so much, where to put localstorage? outside of disable function?

No problemo.

You’ll want to set the value whenever that state changes, in the disable / enable functions.

You’ll want to get that value when you load the page and update accordingly.

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