Disable browser refresh button for my html/php certain pages

I knew i can disable f5 by below code. But I am looking for to disable browser refresh button (which most expert says, it can not be possible), Therefore I want to knew is there any way by which my php page do not refresh when I click on refresh button of the browser. here is below code for to disable f5 button

<script type="text/javascript">
function disableF5(e) { if ((e.which || e.keyCode) == 116 || (e.which || e.keyCode) == 82) e.preventDefault(); };

     $(document).on("keydown", disableF5);

Would you like a website designer to be able to turn off buttons in your browser? How about the back button? You cool with me turning that off so you cant leave my site?

This request is not possible; and even if it was, donā€™t do it.


ok thanks