Disable Back Button Only Once Then Allow On Second Click

I noticed on the Forbes website the back button was disabled until the second click. Not a double click.

I was wondering where I could find a script like this?


Hi @Freejoy,

this is not too complicated, maybe something along the lines of:

function goBackButton() {
    var button = document.getElementById('myBackButton');
    var hasBeenClicked = false;
    button.addEventListener('click', function(event) {
        if (!hasBeenClicked) {
            hasBeenClicked = true;
            event.preventDefault ? event.preventDefault() : (event.returnValue = false);

Hope it helps.

Thanks Andres

I meant the browsers back button.

I see, then my best guess is that it is something related to window.history.pushState where you are able to manage url history with JavaScript without reloading the page

Off Topic:

Messing with the normal functioning of the browser confuses and annoys visitors. Is there a compelling reason you need to do this, which can’t be accomplished by other means?


Yes, I’m compelled to have them see my exit popup. : )

I thought the was Forbes done it was very elegant.

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