Directory vs Article submission for SEO

Hello friends,

I have been testing to write some articles and submit them to article directories and got good SEO results in the first month. But after that, some good keywords that are used to index on the first or second page in Google are not in that position anymore.

I did the same thing on directory submission, it happened the same in the past.

What method is better in term of SEO?

Thanks very much!

I think Article Marketing is better than Directory Submission.
Look at this post for more details.
10 reasons why Article Marketing is better than Directory Submission?

The problem you are seeing is a result of the QDF algorithm kicking in. QDF = “Query Deserves Freshness”. In attempt to serve relevant results in rankings, Google has opted to promote “fresh” or “new” pages with content.

After a certain amount of time, the QDF factor wears off and the page will rank on it’s normal organic merits. So if your page hasn’t received a quantity of quality related backlinks it’s most likely to disappear from the rankings.

No doubt, Article submission is one of the best seo techniques. Don’t forget to include the link back to your site in the resources box.

Article submission is best and fast technique for seo. Directory submission is best technique but very slow for seo.

Of course Article Submission is batter than the Directory Submission…

definitely article submision. your backlink will be inserted into a relevant content.

I too suggest for article submission…

I noticed article submisiion is way better just make sure you follow the guidelines of where you post your article