Directory submissiom affective still?

hi guys i just want to know that directory submission is still affective???

its still help but not much, since it takes time and that…

For me Directory Submission has still the role to make website generating traffics. It is good for backlinking and it helps to crawl in every pages on the web.

Placing a back link in a relevant directory and a relevant category will still help a little.

Go for higher ranked directories or ones specific to your field of expertise.

Can I ask all those who are parroting that it is helpful, how you actually know its helpful?

If you were Google how much weight would you give to directory listings? Personally, if I was google, I would give a ranking penalty to those listed in anything other than a few key directories. How you looked lately at the “average” site that gets submitted to directories – they crap. A good way for Google to clean up the SERPs would be to give a ranking penalty to them!

Directory Submission takes time for approval but it is effective as I found the links are here are permanent but if the links are placed in appropriate category then only it will be effective…

It is still effective as backlinks not the that heavy as what other link building strategy does but still counts…

I don’t think it’s any more or less emotional than it was before. I’ve always thought it a bit cold myself.

yes its still effective go for high PR directories