Directory Master List

Is there a directory master list anywhere?

Or go people just use google to find directories to submit their site to?

No one worth their salt submits to directories anymore.

In saying that, there are some very specific niche vertical directories (e.g. medical/pharmaceutical, education etc) that can produce some value - but only because they are human edited and normally localized.

Is this because it isn’t worthwhile?

I have found a couple of niche directories. Maybe I’ll just submit to those and forget about the rest.

It’s because they hold decreasing value in the eyes of search engines.

Think about it from a search engine’s point of view. How important is a link to a website that was submitted to increase it’s ranking/indexing prominence on a page of similarly linked websites. That placement could be bought/sold/bartered for.

Very rarely is there supporting context/content around that link. Very rarely is there any qualification for that link being there (some offer categorization). The link value is diluted by the number of other links on the same page. The page the link appears on is normally nested in some form of taxonomy/hierarchy/categorization and doesn’t have any (or little) page rank/search equity to pass on to the links it contains.

If you’ve done everything else right, sure - go ahead and submit to a directory and tick the box (figuratively speaking) and know that you’ve covered that particular base. Otherwise your efforts are better spent elsewhere…

thanks. Think I’ll concentrate my efforts elsewhere.

I would have to disagree with your statement.

Much of the problem is the ease of use for people to submit to directories. Instead of writing out a well thought out and unique submission, they instead copy & paste or use automated software to submit the same title, description, etc. over and over. Following such a procedure essentially creates hundreds or even thousands of pages with duplicate content.

The better directories will write their own description for each submission, regardless of whether or not it is a general or niche directory. I write two descriptions for each submission (one for the category and one for the listing detail page). It’s extra work, but it adds value for the listing owners and visitors.

there’s alot of sites that offer a huge list of directory sites… you can find it in some webmasters/SEO forums…

And I welcome your disagreement and justification.

I stand by the fact that directories are becoming less relevant (much like white/yellow pages etc) in these times when the big search engines have the ability to crawl so far and deep, and return highly relevant results.

What person wants to type their search into a search engine and click through to a directory page to find a link, when that link could have been returned in the first place.

Directories are a crutch for a lot of poorly built websites who didn’t know how to get indexed and ranked in search engines properly. Then when SEO Snake Oil traders trumped-up directory submission, search engine submission and forum links as the “sure fire way to make it to #1 on YaBinGoogle” as “quality backlinks” and DMOZ had some sway (circa 2002-2005), they had a vested interest to prolonging that activity even when search technology had moved on…

If we consider the above facts. All the web dirs, article dir’s, forum posts, blog comments, social bookmarking, press releases are mostly used to get announce your website or to get a backlink.
The perfect or real use of these niches would be hardly 25%. So from that point of view all of them are useless to provide some real help to the Internet users. But if we look on the other side of all this phenomena,
Some give and take is all around and we all are following it. :slight_smile: