Direct Mail vs Email

Hey All,

I have just purchased the Web Design Business Kit.

There seems to be a lot of ‘Mail’ templates … I would like some feedback on direct mail for new prospects vs email for new prospects, what do you prefer? what works best for you? any insight would be great.


It really depends on your market… if they’re close to you, probably they will answer better with the old fashioned but reliable regular mail, futhermore if it looks hand written and personal. So for people in the same city, you can use both, as long as you don’t abuse (there’s nothing worse than a spammer, and some people don’t realise they’re spammers)

But, in general, I’d rather use e-mail. It is cheaper and results are easier to track and you get full statistics in minutes :smiley:

Hey there Gobbles1981! Welcome to Sitepoint and congrats on your purchase of that kit. That was one of the first things I bought when getting started in design years ago and it’s a tremendous resource to have.

With most marketing related activities I usually believe that you never know what works best until you test something and see how it works for you, but when it comes to prospecting, I think email would be the last thing I’d recommend to anyone.

While it’s cheap and easy to send and track results, it’s also easy for prospects to ignore or mark as spam. Even if it’s technically legal to send where you’re doing business, I’d prefer to avoid a prospect thinking of me as a spammer or getting me in hot water with my ISP for sending unsolicited email.

Honestly, I think it’s kind of funny that many web designers who are looking to make a thousand bucks or more on a project aren’t willing to invest a a dime in some decent marketing. :eek:

When it comes to marketing any business you need to stand out from the competition and be noticed and I think you stand a much better chance of doing that with a direct mail piece instead of an email. Even better is a letter followed up with a phone call, or send something in a box, tube or via FedEx if you really want to be noticed and at least get your message read.

Keep in mind though that with direct mail your mailing list is more important that even the offer you’re making - and a bad offer sent to the right list will almost always outperform a great offer sent to the wrong list. :slight_smile:



P.S. I forget which chapter it’s in, but one of the better marketing ideas in the kit it about partnering up with local businesses who also deal with your ideal client and paying them a commission for any work sent your way.

P.P.S. While I’m against emailing to prospect for new business, I do think it’s a wonderful way to market to clients and prospects who have asked to hear from you and receive a newsletter on a regular basis.

True. That’s why I normally ask for their authorization first (via opt-in form in my site or directly when I talk to them) :slight_smile:

I also want to know the difference between direct mail and Email. And also want to know which one is the best way for sending our mail.

Direct mail are a cost-effective for business owners that are interested to increase the sales Emails are often directed to spam folders and sometimes deleted without ever being opened. Direct mailings are different as compared to the email because people mostly open and look at physical mail delivered to them. So, I think direct mail is the best service for small business.

Response rates for Direct Mail have held steady over the past four years. Letter-sized envelopes, for instance, had a response rate this year of 3.42 percent for a house list and 1.38 percent for a prospect list. - Direct Marketing Association, 2010

While direct mail can reach people who may not have seen an email, the response rates are extremely low… lower than a solid email campaign and at a far higher cost. Truth is, people toss mail in the garbage in piles unless they’re looking for it.

But like every marketing tactic, it’s not about 99%, it’s about small cuts of large groups. How you deliver your message [pre-printed flyer, personalized letter, 5-page embossed package, etc], who you target [tech savvy consumers, luxury good buyers, etc] and how much you invest can make huge differences which is why testing is essential to DRM.

If you are sending the product brochures that include more than one product, then they can find the relevant information for the item that they expressed interest in. so, always send a cover letter when distributing the printed material to the customers. This letter contains the benefit that you offer, and also invite reader for the next step. I think Direct mail is good for small business.

What results have you found from campaigns that you base this on? How about in relation to email or paid marketing programs?

Direct mail is used by both large as well as small companies to promote their services or products at a reasonable price. Most of the company’s offers specials offers for the clients. The costs of direct mail are a main advantage. When you compared it with the other mediums of advertising then you notice that the price can be kept relatively low. Email is very different from the direct mail. Email is used for online promotion and direct mail is for offline.

For me it is better to use direct mail because you can actually send it in the owner and on the people that might be interested on your offering…

I agree with you. I have also used direct mail for my business promotion from last two years. It is very successful for small business and you can easily afford. You can directly promote your business between the people and find their responses. It is very fast way to find the responses of people.