Direct link benifits?

I use direct links on My guest post and article submission and very rare giving link to branded - hybrid Keywords. Will Direct links will be beneficial in-case of back links and Keywords ranking of mentioned url on My post?

Do you mean links with anchor text by referring link with branded hybrid keywords ? If yes, I don’t think there is any benefit to do not add anchor text when you refer the link and it is not bad too. If you plan to add anchor text always ensure you are not repeating the same anchor text.

As sijugk said, if you are backlinking you must maintain a natural profile. A Quick Guide can be found below:

[B]- main keyword (15%)

  • related keywords (45%)
  • plain URL (20%)
  • generic anchors (20%)[/B]

Warning: Mass backlinking became a dangerous practice. If you are a black/gray hat optimizer, you need to be really careful when using SEO programs. Web 2.0 and link pyramids are not as effective as they used to be not to mention that they carry a good degree of risk nowadays. [B]

My Advice: [/B]Promote your site on social networks and connect with people in your niche. Try your best to implement the methods of White Hat optimizers if you are looking forward for a long everlasting results. Focus on your content and provide a value to your visitors.

Hope that helps!

There is no simple formula like that to convince Google that your link profile is “natural”. The composition in terms of nofollow and keywords is not something you can just assign numbers to. A natural link profile (measured in whatever way) for one site can look completely different to another site’s. If their algorithm was as easy to manipulate as you suggest, everyone would do just that, and it would be totally worthless.

I am kinda new up here but usually on other SEO forums it is totally clear what i mean.

Those percentages are not meant to be measured precisely or taken as your bible book in backlinking. They are more directed towards gray hat optimizers who are using mass linking programs. This is one reason why i wrote my warming underneath it as i don’t wish to promote gray hat techniques on a white hat decent forum. The user though must understand that there is a scale that works and to be aware of the extent of his question. The question asked is not a question a white hat optimizer would ask really. That’s why i tried to balance in between.

Just to point out something real quick, the algorithms of engines are always subject to manipulation. Add to that, the above percentages do work like anything else really. The problem is not with those roughly estimated percentages but with the type of backlinks that you are attaining along with the method used.

At last, i am not here to argue or prove any point really. Please take what you think is useful and simply throw out the rest.

All the Best!

Direct backlinks are beneficial if they are from many high qualities, different domains rather than the links from the same domain.

Yes it is well said that the direct back link is important or beneficial but if back links only come from the reputed and quality sites and it also helps in increasing in the page rank but there is a condition that backlinks only come from the different domain.

Of course the direct links are benefit when you have from high authority sites. But it’s not such helpful how a back link from the same.
As possible try to build hyper to your brand hybrid keywords, make sure you have not a bulk link or spammy.