Direct Debit

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I am currently programming an ecommerce site and I have a question about setting up direct debits via an online form.

Does anyone know how completing a form online can be legal without a signature?



Are you wanting to accept (virtual / e-) checks online? Most payment gateways will support this feature and Paypal will also support this as well. The biggest problem with this unfortunately is that the funds can sometimes take a few days to be processed and they might not clear.

I have used some government forms online and they basically tell the user to enter your name and have you agree to their TOS / AUP. Some will not go to the next (checkout) page without having verified you at least opened these pages.

The best thing though is to contact an attorney that specializes in this area to go through your TOS to help you with the legalease.

Thanks for the advice Corey, bascially what I mean is that someone agrees (usually by signing a form in person) that a company can deduct monthly payments from their bank account. In this case, people are signing up to mobile phone contracts. I am concerned about the legality of doing this online by checking a box with no signature to accompany.
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Have you looked at a few other the carriers and sites like Wirefly? I think Wirefly was where I bought one of my phones. Those should hopefully give you a few ideas.

Direct debit or direct withdrawal is recommended that the account holder gives his bank to collect the amount directly to another account. It is similar to the transfer, but began by a beneficiary. It is also called a pre-authorized debit (PAD) or pre-authorized payment (PAP).