Digital Signature upon checkout

What are your guys thoughts on this? My company is considering it as an option due to the fact that anyone who files a dispute on a charge the credit card company will pretty much just issue a refund almost every time.

By digital signature I’m referring to a box where a buyer types their own name representing their signature for the credit card.

I can’t see this being successful but it’s certainly something you could test. The big question of course is how much the addition of this field impacts conversion versus the cost of refunded orders. You also need to consider if this will actually help reduce chargebacks – proving that I ordered something doesn’t stop me from getting a refund,. A chargeback can be as simple as protesting that I didn’t like it, or in the case of fraud, that someone else signed for it.

If you want to insure delivery go with a delivery conformation mailing option. It’s also not a guarentee but it’s good.