Digital Ocean Droplets for GPS tracking personal use

Hi can I ask

  • Does the 4$/month is Ok to use for my GPS tracking just for personal use or family use, my question for this does the digital ocean will not bill me more-than 4$/month ?

  • Is this droplet or vm I can install like nodejs , npm ,MYSQL and composer and etc…?

  • Also If I use mysql how I can connect via mysql client like heidiSQL.

Thank you in advance.

I do not understand. The Droplet does not move and its location is not important to me. Is there a reason you need to know the location of your Droplet?

I have installed Nginx into my Droplet and I have a custom domain name that resolves to it. Your Droplet is much like a machine that is physically next to you except it does not have a display you can use for a GUI window. You can use SSH or the DigitalOcean website as a keyboard. You can install most anything you want into it but the resources (such as main memory and processors) might be a problem.

Hi @SamuelCalifornia

Thank you for the inputs, sorry you misunderstood my question. I’m referring for my web application GPS tracking system, I just want to know if my web app is OK to deploy on the digital ocean droplets 4$/month. Also I was worried that my devices are sending location every 2 seconds to the server. does the digital ocean will charge me for the request if I exceeded for the limit request ? does I will pay for them not only 4$/month ?

In other words, a database that happens to have GPS data that is functionally (relative to the question) equivalent to other data.

Just look at the features and requirements of droplets. I am not sure but I assume that the relevant feature is the bandwidth; the amount of data sent and received.

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The basic Droplet at $4 per month allows 500GiB transfer. So would depend on how much data your GPS tracking (plus other data transfers you may make) sends.
We don’t know how much data you will be sending.

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By the way digital ocean will give us I.P if we purchase the 4$/month ? . Can I access my web app using that I.P that I can view anywhere without domain name ?

Thank you in advance.

I would assume so. A domain name isn’t necessary to access a site/app.

So you want to store the data of your families location on a website without https?

For me this is very private data (imagine anybody knows anytime where you are when he hacks your page)

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Thank you all :slight_smile:

I have a website hosted by Nginx in a droplet and I can access using the IP address.

I cannot say with certainty that I can configure a website in a droplet to use https but it should be possible.

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