simple qustion: why people love or maybe better to say use digg.com?
where is the difference between digg and any other news site?
maybe because on digg they can find lot’s of information’s which are interesting for them or indeed marketing is what is all about?

Generic news sites don’t tell you which stories people consider interesting and which are boring – you have to do that evaluation – which takes time and mental effort. If the average Digg users has similar taste to you, then Digg is more convenient.

ok, I think that’s right, but why people don’t use (and webmasters create) something like digg but for some specific domain for example NBA digg like site or something similar?

They do. There are hundreds of Digg clones. Even open source software to run your own easily.

because digg top social bookmarking and have high PageRank

Pages have PR, not sites, and the page your social bookmarks will be on has none. Social bookmarking is not SEO.

digg is popular sites of social bookmarking to do promotion and also can be increase traffic for your’e website …
i think digg as same with another sites of social bookmarking…


Its just the methods of letting others know what is going on in the world of internet and what are people looking out the most common things. Digg is really helpful in social bookmarking. :slight_smile:

Digg is good social book marking site. It give high traffics and high pr.

Digg is a good site where each user have a freedom to rate whether the news is worth to read/visit. It also filter spam submission so you can assure of the information.

Digg is the top ranking social site and very well indexed in google just because of this users have likely to digg because through google we have massive traffic

digg is the best of social bookmarking, many people know and used to get backlink from this…
besides used digg to help increase traffic, better you can try facebbok and twitter to help that and also do promotion …


i think its too complicated and difficult in use, but i need it for work and i dont see other alternative.

Digg is the book marking site which is often indexed by google. Digg can provide more traffic. so that more people recommend to use digg.

Digg is one of the top social bookmarking site, whoever share the any informations with others.


Digg is always the 1st site that i go too after setting up a new site as it can get indexed by google is a matter of hours apart from that i dont use it for anything else,.

Digg is indexed at a very fast rate by Google. Along with that most of the traffic lands there. That is the reason why I use that.

Because digg is the best social bookmarking site ans its have also high page rank.