Diffrence in Local and Organic ranking

Hi all,

i have 10 keywords for my site, five of them got Top position in Google , but they come from Local listing.
remaining five keywords got ranked from Organic and they are between 100-200. We Worked simultaneously for all keyword.
i know that now local is more strong then Organic search.
What is the exact solution to resolve this issue?


I don’t know if I would consider that an “issue” that needs to be resolved. It seems local listings show up when locations (towns, cities, etc.) are included in the search phrase but not always.

For the 5 keywords that are ranking in the top position, do they include a location keyword like a city or state?

Chances are you just need to do more optimization for the keywords that are not ranking high currently. They are probably a higher competition and search volume. Do the keyphrases you’re not ranking for have location keywords in them?

What is actually the problem? That the last 5 are not listed for local?