Difficulty with SSO

I believe @ralphm has already contacted you by PM to try to sort that out.

It is a new SSO (Single Sign On) system. The idea is that you don’t have two separate accounts for SP Premium and the SP Forums, a single login will work for both.

[quote=“dean_ansari, post:3, topic:245683”]
new registeration I was forced to go through has changed my nick-name… And I have lost all my associated points
[/quote]Welcome to the club!

Happend to me too when the new routine was implemented. Eventually staff could restore my account and give my nick back.

Turned out that I mistakenly created a new account for the forum. I should have used the support button instead and called for help when the login didn’t work.

Took a few days to sort out.

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Well lets hope they fix it quick.

But it is still displaying my 1st name rather than my nick-name I had here!
Not cool :frowning:
Specially for a Site that is supposed to be a tool for Web Site developers to make such a mistake in rolling a new sign-in is really amazing! But, we all make mistakes.

I’ve moved these posts into a separate thread, rather than continue off-topic.

To be clear, there is no “mistake” in the SSO system; it has worked flawlessly for most of our many thousands of members. A very small number have run into difficulties because they already had both forum and Premium accounts, but with different e-mail addresses. A few more members have had problems because either they have forgotten which e-mail address they used for the forums, or no longer have access to it. We have been able to resolve these issues for any member who has reported them.

In your case, as I mentioned before, we noticed you had created a new account, and @ralphm contacted you to offer assistance before you reported the issue yourself.

If you have any constructive suggestions as to how the changeover could be better managed, we’d be interested to hear them, rather than generalised criticism.


@dean_ansari I’ve sent you a PM. These steps have worked with various members before, let me know if you didn’t get it or if it didn’t work.

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@dean_ansari, @WorldNews: I notice you’ve been using your original account again over the last few days. May be take it that your problems have been resolved satisfactorily?

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