Difficulty posting on Twitter

Lately, even when I try to post a carefully crafted tweet on Twitter, it is disallowed, with this error message:

This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.

From online discussions, I see this is happening to a lot of people, and it’s been going on for a long while. This is a serious fail for Twitter. I’m tempted to delete my account and be done with it.

Is anyone around here having the same problem? Twitter HQ doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, which makes me wonder how long the company can last.

It has happened to us today. All links to SitePoint result in that message. Not ideal for all my #thenewsitepointforums announcement posts.

Edit: I assume you don’t just mean links to our domain?

It’s not fun at all is it @HAWK? We’ve contacted Twitter in every way possible short of knocking on the door to get it sorted. Hopefully (but unlikely) when they fix it they’ll let us know what the issue was and we can educate the SitePoint and Twitter world!

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I haven’t but then I will not be able to try again till this afternoon…Can’t do it at the office (well, I could using my phone but it is a bit of a pain :smile:)

I saw discussion a while back about Twitter removing the # hash tag feature incrementally.

Maybe if the tweet has one they’re giving this message instead of a more descriptive “hash tags no longer allowed” ??

Perhaps it was just a problem posting anything about SitePoint, which is very weird. There were no #s in my post.

I got to tweet but I had to use a URL shortener to be able to do it. Else I would get the “this may be spam” message

Hi ralphm,
I have also undergone this problem. i kinda used some words related to market my business. After I have changed it, they allowed me to post. so check your twitter profile, images, profile name etc., if you find anything like advertising remove it and submit a request to twitter.

Thanks Ramya. I’ll check that out … though I thought you could post pretty much anything on Twitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem seemed to be that I was posting links to SitePoint. Not sure why Twitter got its nickers in a twist over that, but my main objection was that the message I got was very unclear and left me in no man’s land.

It’s no clearer on our end, unfortunately :angry: Even as a verified account, we (as the sitepointdotcom Twitter account ) couldn’t get any clarity on what happened, why, or how to avoid it in the future. Fingers crossed we’ve seen the worst of it…

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Hi, I am using twitter from last 6 years , but i cannot face this type of problem, may be their is some technical issue occurs.

It could be technical issue. I am also using twitter but I
have not faced any type of problem.

Thanks guys. Seems it was a specific issue related to tweeting about SitePoint. Let’s just file it as a weird aberration. :stuck_out_tongue: