Difficulty creating a new php page

I simply want to take “/contactus” page, copy the page, and change the name to /contactus2 to work with it. However, I get a “404 Page Not Found” when I try to look at the page online and I haven’t done any changes to the coding at all.

Is there a simple reason I can’t copy and work with the page?

http://hashcentral.com/contactus - here is the original page I copied. Naturally you can’t see /contactus2 . Again, I didn’t change any coding on the page so expected it would work. Thanks for any ideas. John

Well open up your favorite editor and create a page called contactus2.php don’t forget the .php extension. Then FTP or upload that to your server navigate to http://hashcentral.com/contactus2.php

yeah what’s happening is when you go to

you are REALLY going to

You HAVE NO PAGE called contactus .... you have a DIRECTORY called contactus which goes to the index.php page inside of it by default. 

so yeah, do what the guy above said . Open index.php in the contactus directory and do a saveas and save as

and you’re good to go.

While you are correct in that http://hashcentral.com/contactus/index.php works… there is no directory called ContactUs or even Contact. In fact the file I can change is called “Contact.php” (I was mistaken about the file name I used above as it shows “ContactUs” on the web page). So the file I change is called Contact.php but the website will show ContactUs just to be clear.

The file I change is actually in a folder titled frontend.

If I even copy the page to the main front file of the site it still doesn’t work: http://hashcentral.com/contact2.php (this is direct) or create a new directory http://hashcentral.com/contact/index.php both have errors.