Different results in Google?

Scenario: I’m speaking on the phone to a friend, I say can you see your website at number 2 in Google? He says no, I say I can, what Google are you in? He says Google.com, I say that’s what I’m using as well??? How can we see different search engine results for the EXACT same search words in the same Google, viewing from the same country???

I think there will be some some spelling mistake on key your friend search or there will be some thing in his or her url like .com/us or .com/uk there might be some change.

Due may be due to any one of following things

  • It may have come from the search history/cache
  • It may the browser search history you stored
  • If the friend is from different country, it may be because of search results coming out of different data centers.

In particular, if one or both if you is logged into Google, it remembers what you’ve searched for before and which sites you’ve clicked through to, and will prioritise these where appropriate.

At my old work place we received different search results for terms like “cheap hotels”. I can only assume that it is because Google will take your location into account and choose one that it feels is best-suited to where you are. It’d be pointless to point me towards a hotel in Manchester if I am searching in Bristol.

Many thanks for the suggestions - will try them.

I don’t know, I would have thought hotels was one of the things that was less likely to matter where you were. If I’m googling for “bus to the hospital”, “italian restaurant”, “24 hour plumber” etc, the chances are that I want an answer that is local. But if I’m looking for a hotel, the odds are that I want it to be anywhere except local!

If you are logged in to Google, it may produce a different result depending on your preference or past searches.

I also agree that the search may be localized even if you’re in the same country.

Yes this is true if your log in Google then the SERP will be different and localize also. So , be sure you while you are searching you should log out first.

Few things that should be done before searching your website’s position in SERP:

  1. Clear all your cache history
  2. Log out from your Google account
  3. Choose the Google domain that you preferred
    But still some fluctuation may occur in the results due to relative competitiveness of search terms and geographic location.

In order to see your real Google rankings you will need to do a de-personalized search in Google. You do that by adding
in your search URL.

For example, I do a search with the keyword phrase
oil press
my URL should look something like this:

change the URL to this and you will see your real Google ranking with no personalization:

replace oil%20press in the above URL to whatever you want to search for in Google.


Yes I do agree with him.:cool:

Clear all cache and history, don’t login with any emial id. Then try to check status.

Another way to de-personalized search in Google is to turn on private browsing.

In Firefox it’s Tools, Start Private Browsing
In Internet Explorer it’s Tools, Safety, InPrivate Browsing

when you open same website or use some specific keyword again and again. Google show specific website on first page. i have also this problem.

Google is a location based search engine. It shows the results depending on your location that’s why It may show different results

Cookies also create this type of problems. First log out from all gmail accounts clear your cookies from browser then check results in FF and internet explorer both.

Yep use pws=0 or look up your site in Mikes Marketing Tools.

Thanks, 346Media. That’s an excellent tip about adding the &pws=0 for google searches. I was unaware you could do that.