Different (my, or maybe not) approach to email verifications?

When you have an email verification system the email is sent to the user the user clicks on the activation link which has an activation code which tells the database which gets the email sent to you or along those lines, not being specific :slight_smile:

What about a system that works a little different when the form is submitted the activation code sends a verification to the address, checks it and authorizes it automatically without the user having to do it manually by clicking an authorization link in the email ?

How then is the PHP script supposed to determine that the user is capable of receiving emails?

It would check the address, then do somewhat an assumption based on what information it could retrieve automatically from the email authorization process.

Just because an email address exists, does not confirm that the person is allowed to use that email address.
The authorization process confirms that the person using that email address has access to its emails, and is capable of receiving emails from that address.

There is much more going on with that process than just checking if it’s a valid email account.

I know that, why I came up with automating it. What if the person wants to send the email form but doesn’t have access to their email account to verify it ?

Then the server cannot rely on that email to get information to the user. Just because someone has typed in an email doesn’t mean that they have access to that email account.

I know, what you are trying to tell me is that it’s not logical approach to the situation. And having the user actually verify their email address via a activation key is the best approach.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Yes, I was hoping I could do it without user interaction. I guess I was wrong.