Different logo for different pages in wordpress

My website troide.co uses the minamaze theme, and the logo looks fine on the first page, but overlaps content on the second page. Without messing up the frontpage logo, how can i have a smaller logo for every other page?

Same strategy as suggested in your other post.

Set the size that you want the image to be on all but the first page as the “default”, then target the size for the first page to be larger.

Am at work and cannot see your page ( alas IS/IT considers this goofing off :wink: )
But conceptually this should be an easy fix:


  1. Copy the old logo styling to a new class ( e.g.: .front-logo{ …} )
  2. Edit the old logo styling to ‘the smaller’ size you wished it to be on all the inside pages
    ( at this point the logo should appear small on ALL pages)
  3. on the header of your template ( the WP php docs) use is_home() to add the ‘front-logo’ class to your logo element;

hope that helps

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