Different column width's in one table?

Hi, i’m using xsl to displays xml in a table.

I have html tags for the table, if i put <td width=“200”> for a column in one row, then use <td width=“300”> on another column for a different row, it will only use one column width.

Is there anyway in having different column width’s on different rows, without other rows being changed?

Many thanks

All the cells of any one column will be as wide as the widest cell in that column, just as all the cells of any one row will be as high as the highest cell in that row. I do not know of any way to “warp” a table so that cells of a row/column have different heights/width. You can use rowspan and colspan however, which may be good enough for your needs.

thank you very much for that. I added extra column to my table and used span for most of the rows to get the desired design.

thanks once again