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I have a client who wants me to change the color scheme of this site. Quite frankly, I like the organic colors (I despise the red, though). The client wants something that would ‘pop’ more. Any recommendations?

I kind of like the splashes of red in the site. But the problem for me is the light lemon yellow background. If you made that white, or off-white (without a yellowish tinge), it would brighten things up considerable.

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Thanks for the feedback, WebMachine. I’ll see what I can come up with your advice.

Here is a photo of a location where this business (and likely the farm) are located:


I believe these could be almond blossoms. Maybe the color scheme can reflect the region.

For me color scheme is perfect, I wouldn’t change anything. Colors are subdued and well selected. Font is readable and has suitable size.

As much as I agree with you, hamburgx0, the client wants more boldness. So I’m taking whatever advice the forum can give me and try different schemes that would suit the client.

Hello There! I will start by suggesting removing the yellow on yellow at the top. The logo is being overpowered by the huge top yellow bar. A good combination for that yellow and keeping it in check will be a green/organic, more towards the end of the spectrum.

A place I use to gather color data is this: COLOR CHARTS AND STUFF feel free to browse around.

I strongly suggest removing red from the composition. This is food, not poison labels. Detach the logo by adding a diffused white glow to it, very faint and keep the logo a PNG/transparent.

Add a border separator under the slider to better focus the user and achieve better UI/UX. The only place you want red is in the notification.

Hope this visual helps you and serves you well. Good Luck!

PS: Center the slider text vertically too. Personal preference.

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WOW! Thanks, alexbloografix. This is wonderful input coming from you, and I do appreciate the time you spent on sending me a screenshot of your visual. I will give it a go and see if the client likes it!

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Not a problem! Feel free to drop by and update us with the results!

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