Different between Keyword Stuffing and Frequency?

Friends we all know that keyword stuffing is a bad thing for content… But I am confused about that what is the difference between keyword stuffing and frequency? Is keyword frequency is good for a SEO friendly content.

Keyword frequency simply refers to the number of times your keyword appears on your web page or in your article.

And I’d advise you to forget about SEO-friendly content and concentrate on user-friendly content.

A good rule of thumb is… Only say each thing once on each page. In other words, if you find yourself repeating the same phrase only using different words that mean the same thing then that may be keyword stuffing. AKA if you write it so it makes sense to the reader and the reader doesn’t get the impression its written for google then google wont either.

This is really true. SEO-friendly contents are most ignored contents nowadays because of the impression of spam. When we say user-friendly content, you are focused more on the quality of the topic, direction of the content, unique ideas, information, and possibly answers. These are the things that a casual search engine users want. No keyword thing or whatsoever.

That’s a great tip indeed for anyone who is starting out and still lost in the jargon of SEO.
When you focus on user-friendly content, your website will be automatically SEO-friendly! As search engines are the ones who are shaping their algorithms and aiming to understand well if a site is user-friendly or not.

Most principles of on-page SEO are taken from the best practices that increases user-engagement.

Keyword stuffing can be defined as the charging a website with a package of keywords. In simple words stuffing your website content with too much of keywords.

Keyword frequency is also the way of loading the keywords abundantly on a single web page.

But these activity really harms one’s site ranking. So it is good to provide a unique, fresh and user-friendly content. So do not purposely insert keywords into the content. Write content for users and not for search engines.

Not necessarily. Keyword frequency is simply a count of the number of times your keyword appears - which could be just once.

Thanks every one for replying and solve my question…