Different benefits of article submission

According to u what are the different benefits of article submission . Does article submission effective the link popularity. Share your suggestions with me.

Name branding
Link popularity
Targeted traffic
Building your own web presence
Free advertising

well article submission can be usefull in different ways .
you can generate a likn for your niche to give a authority vote for your website .
you can attract tragetted traffic for your better business sale and presence.
article submission is the main part of internet marketing.


A benefit of article submission is depending upon quality of your article. It should be unique and informative to your readers. Choose quality article submission websites like ezine . com then only you can get reputation for your article.
Article Submission will give you a one way link to your website.
Article Submission will give you the huge amount of traffic to your website.
It will give better SERP for your website

Links from article directories no longer carry significant weight since the Penguin update introduced by Google a couple of months ago. And popular article directories used to be capable of bringing in traffic to your website indirectly as they tend to rank high in the search results. However, things changed when Panda was introduced.

Because of the reasons above, I would rather stay away from article directories, at least for now, and opt to pitch for guest blogging opportunities on “picky blogs”.

Here’s a video on link building methods that you should adopt post-Panda and Penguin: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-death-of-link-building-and-the-rebirth-of-link-earning-whiteboard-friday

i’ve always been a fan of article submission. It’s like a form of free advertising. You get people to read what you want to say, plus you can lead them to your site for more information. It’s really up to you to see it’s effectiveness. Try writing sensible and interesting contents that would attract your target population.

here are some benefits
increase traffic
increase pagerank
increase backlinks
increase value
Article submission have large amount of benefits.

Article submission is very effective technique in seo because its provide you quality back link for your website and provide you rank on google and other search engine. It also provide a lots of traffic for your website.


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