Difference traditional marketing and modern marketing

what is the difference between traditional marketing and modern marketing.Which one is best technique for marketing and why?

Please define what you mean by Traditional Marketing and Modern Marketing. For example networks have different business models… Network 1.0, Network 2.0, RTB/Programmatic, etc.

The further it gets from Network 1.0 the closer it gets to modern.

There are a million different forms of marking though.

This is a pretty vague question. You need to tell us what you mean by those terms, and what problem you want help with solving. And no-one can tell you which is the “best technique” without knowing much more about your circumstances and what you are trying to achieve.

As well, I would argue that there is no difference between traditional and modern marketing. All marketing is based on traditional techniques that have been around for centuries. It’s true that there are now many modern tools available, but the fundamental concepts are the same as they always have been.


social and mail markeing most important.
i m using <snip> maybe u can try

Maybe he is asking the new trends in marketing, new strategies, which of course are different from business to business.

You might be right. But since he never bothered to come back, it’s hard to know - and hard to care.


Indeed. Thread closed.