Difference between web portal and a web site?

Hi everyone,
I want to know about difference between web portal and a web site.Kindly explain the difference in these two terms to me.

A website is a general term for any collection of pages on the same domain or sub-domain.

A web portal is generally used for a ‘gateway’ site or set of pages - ie, they are principally links signposting other sites. That’s different from a link farm, whose sole purpose is to generate PageRank - a web portal is intended to be used by people as a kind of “one-stop shop”, within a particular field, but rather than hosting the answers itself, it references other sites.

A website is a unique location which is specified by a URL. It contains many pages, domains and sub domains.

A web portal is the entrance (gate) to the Web. One can enter the web from many different portals (gates) and either dive into the portal inner web or move to other portals in the web. Yahoo is an good example for web portal.

It’s also important to note that a “Web Portal” is also a website. A website is standard terminology on the web, but “web portal” is a given name for sites that share the above characteristics.

Thanks a a lot every one. The difference between these two terms is clear now.
Thank you very much for the participation:)